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Captain Ahab is a quality young horse – he was foaled in 2016 – bred on a classic cross of blood – that of Captaintreacherous his sire and Western Ideal his maternal sire.

Captaintreacherous, sire of Captain Ahab, is America’s leading sire of two and three-year-olds and the leading sire of two-year-olds in Australia this year. A champion pacer himself, with a record of 1:47.2, Captaintreacherous was the first two-year-old to win four races inside 1:50; he was the 2YO and 3YO of the Year and won almost $3 million to the end of his two and three-year-old racing. Captaintreacherous’ sons are now greatly in demand at stud in both America and Australia.

On his dam’s side, Captain Ahab belongs to a family which has made a real impact on the American breeding scene. He is out of the Western Ideal mare Acquavella, a sister to the Metro Pace winner and USA 2YO Colt of the Year Artspeak 1:47.4 ($1.6 million), now siring winners in America.

Captain Ahab ranks as a half-sister to the Sarataga Raceway two-year-old track record holder Heart Of Mine 1:53.4 ($204,631). 


An upstanding bay of 16 hands, Captain Ahab has stood his first two seasons at the prestige Pin Oak Lane Farm in Pennsylvania where his first crop are foals.

Captain Ahab is bred on the same cross as the 2019 USA 2YO Filly of the Year Lyons Sentinel 1:48.4 ($1,260,886).


Captain Ahab is a Direct Scooter line horse – that which produced Somebeachsomewhere – and carries a 3x3 cross to Artsplace and a 4x4 cross to Matt’s Scooter.

He should prove a good cross to mares boasting the blood of Cam Fella (Bettor’s Delight, Roll With Joe, Betterthancheddar, Armbro Operative, Presidential Ball, Washington VC, etc), Falcon Seelster  (McArdle, Elsu, Ultimate Falcon, Million To One, Rich And Spoilt, etc) and the Western Hanover line. 

The duplication of the blood of Artsplace with his sire Captaintreacherous has proven to be a success with the likes of Tough Tilly, Lightning Dan, Captain Crunch, Captain Barbossa and Capt Midnight. 

Screen Shot 2021-06-24 at 4.40.30 pm.png
Screen Shot 2021-06-24 at 4.39.33 pm.png

CAPTAIN AHAB P,2,1:50.4 ($143,309)



As 2yo won Nassagaweya Stake, Champlain Stake, leg & final Dream Maker Series, elim Metro Stake, 2 legs Kindergarten Classic

CAPTAINTREACHEROUS p,3,1:47.2 ($3,148,657) by Somebeachsomewhere Sire of 446 USA foals, 243 winners, 235 in 2:00, 192 in 1:55, 65 $100,000 earners. Total progeny earnings of $27,404,131.
In New Zealand sire of 49 foals, 13 winners, 9 in 2:00. In Australia sire of 166 foals, 81 raced, 57 winners, 51 in 2:00, 3 x $100,000 earners including; CAPTAIN CRUNCH p,3,1:47.4 ($1,561,940), LYONS SENTINEL (M) p,1:48.4 ($1,260,886), TALL DRINK HANOVER (M) p,3,1:48.0 ($893,532), PARTY GIRL HILL (M) p,3,1:47.4 ($880,345), TREACHEROUS REIGN (M) p,3,1:48.6 ($831,629), REFLECT WITH ME (M) p,3,1:48.4 ($782,268)

ACQUAVELLA p,2,1:53.8; 3,1:53.6 $38,247 by Western Ideal. As 2yo won leg New Jersey Sires Stake; 2nd Reynolds Memorial. Dam of 4 foals of 4 racing age, 4 winners, 4 in 1:55, 3 x $100,000 earners incl;
HEART OF MINE (M) p,2,1:53.4 - $204,631 (Roll With Joe)
CAPTAIN AHAB p,2,1:50.8 - $143,309 (Captaintreacherous) As above
FINE ART (M) p,2,1:54.6 - $103,785 (Bettors Delight)
SAIL BY (M) p,2,1:50.8 - $87,680 (Captaintreacherous)

THE ART MUSEUM by Artsplace. Dam of 4 foals 3yo or older, 4 raced, 4 winners, 3 in 1:55, 2 $100,000 earners incl;
ARTSPEAK p,2,1:50.4; 3,1:47.8 -$1,767,730 (Western Ideal) As 2yo won Metro Pace, Governors Cup, Nassageweya Stake, Bluegrass Stake -USTA 2yo Colt Pacer of the Year, Canadian 2yo Colt Pacer of the Year
FORT KNOX p,3,1:51.4; 1:50.0 - $261,256 (American Ideal)
GAI WATERHOUSE (M) p,2,1:50.6 - $223,967 (Western Ideal)
UFFIZI p,3,1:51.0 - $99,224 (American Ideal)
ENDOWMENT (M) p,2,1:55.8 - $10,093 (American Ideal)

SOUTHWIND LAUREL p,3,1:53.0; 1:52.8 -$84,972 by Matts Scooter. As 2yo won elim Town Pro Series. Dam of 8 foals, 5 raced, 4 winners, 3 in 1:55 incl; WINDS OF TERROR p,2,1:53.2; 1:52.0 -$189,644 (Western Terror) BETTERTHANLYNX p,3,1:55.0; 1:51.6 -$170,561 (Western Ideal) SPOTLIGHT ON (M) p,2,1:55.8; 3,1:52.8; 1:51.4 -$83,967 (Western Terror) Dam of OREO DREAM XTREME p,2,1:57.2; 3,1:52.6 ($94,004)
LAURELS LEA (M) p,3,2:00.8; 1:55.6 - $36,986 (Western Terror)

LUXURY CLASS p,3,1:54.8 -$101,632 by Jate Lobell. Dam of 5 foals, 4 raced, 3 winners; 3 in 1:55 incl;
SOUTHWIND LYNX p,2,1:51.8; 3,1:48.6 -$1,763,389 (Real Artist) As 2yo won International Stallion Stake. As 3yo won Meadowlands Pace, Art Rooney Memorial, James Dancer Memorial, Oliver Wendell Holmes Pace SOUTHWIND LARK p,3,1:53.6; 1:51.0 -$197,726 (Art Major)
Producer: Southwind Lily (Dam of SOUTHWIND LEA (M) p,2,1:59.0; 3,1;54.2; 1:52.0 -$235,618, THE X HORSE p,2,1:56.4; 1:55.2, MAKIN MY MOVE p,3,1:58.6)

PLEASURE JET p,3,1:59.2 -$11,553 by Abercrombie. Dam of 15 foals, 13 raced, 11 winners, 6 in 1:55, 6 x $100,000 earners incl;
ULTRA JET p,2,1:56.8; 3,1:55.0; 1:51.2 -$981,631 (Niatross) As aged won 2 hts Inter Dominion (Gr.3), Newcastle Cup (L)
JET PACE p,3,1:54.2; 1:51.4 -$351,208 (No Nukes) As 3yo won Hanover Colt Stake
EXECUJET p,2,1:56.8; 2,1:52.8; 1:50.8 -$324,559 (Presidential Ball)
JUNKET p,3,1:53.4 - $259,543 (Albatross) As 2yo won Hanover Colt Stake. As 3yo won Keystone Classic, Pennsylvania Championship
FUNSHIP p,2,1:54.0 - $150,248 (Nihilator)
NIAJET (M) p,2,1:59.0; 3,1:57.0 - $69,748 (Niatross) Dam of STAND
FOREVER p,2,1:58.2; 3,1:52.2; 1:49.4 ($694,472), JET LAIR p,3,1:52.6; 1:51.0 -$397,403, JET AGAIN (M) p,3,1:55.8, FANTASY JET (M) p,3,1:57.6; grand- dam of ASLAN p,2,1:52.6; 1:48.6 ($492,259), BESTJETYET p,3,1:51.2;
1:49.4 ($394,178), SHE SAID (M) p,3,1:55.4; 1:54.6 ($225,838), GOLDIN

PARACHUTE p,3,1:54.4; 1:50.6 ($214,983), EXACTLY BLACK p,2,1:53.6; 3,1:52.0; 1:51.2 ($197,180), MIGHTY AND STRONG p,2,1:56.6; 3,1:54.2; 1:53.2 ($148,534), SAM STONE p,3,1:58.8; 1:55.0 ($144,018), STELLE NEL CIELO (M) p,2,1:57.2; 3,1:53.6 ($140,749), SOLID MULDOON p,3,1:54.4; 1:53.6 ($118,723), MEGYN K (M) p,2,1:55.4, IDEAL FANTASY (M) p,3,1:55.4,
F FIFTEEN (M) p,3,1:57.8, M M LASS (M) p,1:59.2; great-grand-dam of RAW ENERGY p,3,1:53.0; 1:49.8 ($366,347), AUCTIONEER p,3,1:52.4 ($216,226), MACHMAN p,3,1:52.6; 1:51.0 ($163,816), B FIFTEEN (M) p,1:54.0 ($124,062), SCOTTISH QUEEN (M) p,3,1:54.2; 1:52.8
LOCK ON p,3,1:59.8; 1:55.4 -$67,021 (No Nukes)
PRIVATE PILOT p,3,1:56.0 -$51,945 (Albatross)
JET WEST (M) p,3,1:57.6 -$45,892 (Western Hanover) Dam of FEEL
THE PULSE (M) p,1:52.8 ($289,288), JERI WEST (M) p,1:54.4 ($157,774), SOUTHWEST BLISS (M) p,1:56.0, HILLBILLYSWEETSHRK (M) p,3,1:56.0; 1:53.0, GLEN MCNEIL p,3,1:55.8; grand-dam of MARVALOUS JET (M) p,3,1:53.6; 1:52.4 ($209,528), HAWKER p,1:55.6 ($142,458), AMERICAN NITRO p,3,1:54.2 ($134,000), JET ANGEL (M) p,3,1:57.2
Producers: Crescent Park (Dam of CANACO AVECO p,2,1:56.2; 1:55.2 -$174,001; grand-dam of CANACO NOTABLE p,3,1:52.4; 1:51.6 -$275,200, CANACO LE NOBLET p,3,1:54.4; 1:52.2 -$245,144; grand-dam of CLIFF DRUMMOND p,1:51.8 -$137,177), Upgrade (Dam of REACH p,3,1:56.2)

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